If You Can Draw a Donut, You Can Draw a Cartoon

This is a video I created to use in art workshops with youth and other folks, and uses an idea that my friend Steve Smyth – a Real Cartoonist  - taught me – ‘If You Can Draw a Donut, You Can Draw a Cartoon’.  As resources and time allows, I am part of a group who travel to mostly Indigenous communities and do a day of art, and of all the blocks we do CARTOONING is the teaching/learning people, especially the youth have feeling for and recall.  Cartooning is great because basically you need a pencil and a drawing surface.  We also use it for teaching some language (here Cree), and modify depending on the community.  Steve has a number of publications with cartoons and like all skilled artist makes it all look very easy, ‘Oh you just do this . . . ‘ .  I always thought that me teaching youth how to make their own drawing charcoal would be ‘THE THING’ (after all it involves fire and all!), but no, in follow up pretty well the majority of youth score the cartooning as ‘THE’ part they loved most and use . . . as do their teachers.  It all is much more complicated than merely drawing a donut as Steve’s most complex and exciting cartoons elicit.  It can be quick art, always fun art, at times poignant, heartbreaking and occasionally triumphant.


PDF with the images as stand alone Photos: Draw A Cartoon (339 KB)

PowerPoint: Draw A cartoon, POWERPOINT (3.47 MB)