“Makwa”, is a VISUAL MEDICINE NARRATIVE using traditional Ojibwe images, and created in the early spring of 2020, at a time when all humans, regardless of race or locale, are literally under siege by Covid-19, a microorganism virus racing around the earth. And like all potentially lethal viruses, observable by the people only by its cruel effects of rapid death, high contagion, morbidity and ensuing economic and social carnage – but mostly FEAR.

  Card 1             Card 2

We Ojibwe are a people of a thousand stories arising from diverse worldviews and complex rich extensive Indigenous Teachings that are still taught and followed, and forming the foundation of many peoples lives today. The ratio of the original image is 1.27, the original being 11 x 17 inches.(28 x 43.18 Centimeters (cm)).


In Ojibwe language “Makwa”, - meaning BEAR is pronounced < muck waa >, written in SRO* as 'MAKWA', and in Ojibwe Syllabics symbolized as Makwa Ojib.  As a side note, this visual medicine narrative was created in Cree Territory, where 'Makwa' Cree Makwa  in Cree denotes a loon.  *SRO = Standard Roman Orthography.