NOTEthe only reason this is here, is to assist folks who want/need to know how to pronounce my Ojibwe name correctly.  Of course you can call me anything, just not late for breakfast.  All good . . . r e l a x

'What is in a Name?'

Traditionally, one is 'not given a name' -- one is born with a name, and it requires a spiritual person, a proctor who is allowed to do ceremony by 'the community'.  So this person then goes and 'finds/discovers' the name given by Creator to one, in all her benevolence, and comes after prayer, meditation and ceremony.  Like most things of value in life, effort is required.

First off, I am happy to be anywhere and introduced by any name, including my name given on legal documents.  So either way wins.

I speak at various conferences and do some teaching in communities (very keen about 'art as a voice' for Indigenous peoples), and I appreciate folks kindness and many in a desirer to pronounounce my Ojibwe name correctly. 

After trying to assist a Spanish speaker how to pronounce my name, I did up this little video to assist her and anyone else who wants to know how to pronounce it, and for which I am very appreciative of them taking that effort.  Thanks to all!

Enjoy, Relax & Thanks!