Political satire

BILL 6 PARODY: - using story as part of the political process. 

For those who don't know, Bill 6 is a government bill passed by the then new NDP Gov't in Alberta  - majority gov't can do just about anything they want. 'SOCIAL ENGINEERING BY GOVERNMENT' is never a good idea . . .
Stunning ACTRESS SUMMER PENNEY does a great job in this video – a natural on a horse for what was required here. We asked her for a bit of a girly girly look – and admittedly it was windy and a bit cool, – she delivered, showed up, didn’t complaint about the weather and did a outstanding job. Horses she knows - she is from Alberta after all.
For the 'HIRED HAND' we hired an actual working buckaroo (Western U.S. a cowboy, especially a broncobuster.) LANE THEISEN, who has done stunt work in film before, he did a great job here, and his brother (also a buckaroo) came along and worked as our horse wrangler.
The Cowboy in front of the Camera is  GEORGE PORTER, who mostly works on his ranch in southern Alberta, living in a house that is ‘off the grid’ – occasionally we manage to bribe him off the ranch to work on a film.